Best Quality Chimney Products

Affordable Chimney Services uses the best quality chimney products in our repair and building services. Whether you need a whole new chimney built or just need a cap added or replaced, we can help you. Many of our chimney materials and accessories include warranties. Look below for details about some of the brands and products that we use regularly in our chimney services.

affordable chimney services can repair or replace your chimney - we use the best quality chimney products and materials

High Quality Stainless Steal Chimney Caps

chimney caps to keep out animals and debris - professional chimney products

Great for keeping animals, and debris out of your chimney. 

HY-C Brand Caps

• Lifetime Warranty
• Stainless Steel
• Protects homes against birds, animals, leaves and debris
• Protects against certain downdrafts,
• Protects the flue from damaging moisture
• Helps arrest sparks and prevent fires


• One-Year Warranty
• Prevents Water Leaking where the Chimney meets the roof

CrownSeal® Chimney Crowns

• 5 Year Warranty
• Permanently flexible
• Maintenance free
• Natural appearance
• Environmentally friendly

Lyemance™ Energy Saving Damper

• 10 times more efficient than a traditional damper
• Easy to operate
• Seals in warmth & energy
• Stops animals from entering your home
• Seals out moisture to extend chimney life
• Stops downdrafts
• Helps prevent chimney odors


• 5 Year Warranty
• Prevents Water Damage
• 100% Breathable
• Patented Siloxane Technology

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